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Recording Double Bass / Mixing & Phase Alignment for Upright Bass

Recording Acoustic Double Bass with Multi-Miking

In today’s #faTutorial, I’ll show you an exciting multi-miking technique for acoustic double bass! Acoustic double bass recording techniques often involve the use of multiple microphones for several reasons:

There are many aspects to a large acoustical instrument. You have, for example, the sound of the picking of the player on the fret-board, the bass-rich, vibrant sound of the body and maybe some nice room ambience (depending on your recording studio, of course). Read full article now!

Written in: Phase Alignment,Recording Tutorial on March01, 2019

Comb Filtering & Phase Correction explained – How to FIGHT Phase Issues – #faTutorial [2]

Comb filtering make your mix less transparent, roomy and thin? In our todays #faTutorial we’re gonna talk about this issue that is often simply called ‘Phase Cancellation’ and furthermore how to fix it within small microphone arrays such as a guitar recording. Even today, there is still much confusion about the terms ‘being out of Phase’, ‘Phase Cancellation’ and ‘Comb filtering’. Many technicians apply common sense, but often they are unsure how to deal with it. Let‘s start with a more fundamental question: What is phase?