faIRmageddon – First Beta Version available soon…

Beta starts Tuesday, March 10th – Apply now!

This is exciting! faIRmageddon, the mother of all IR plug-ins, is about to enter the Beta phase, next Tuesday! We have only a very limited number of seats for beta testers. Apply now or be sorry ;-).

What’s new?

  • Automatic Gain Compensation
  • Export IR to a wave file (mono / stereo)
  • Automatic Phase Alignment
  • Consolidate – Combine unlimited number of IRs
  • Six new Output Parameters for the ultimate sound designer – Attack, Character, Cab Size, Resonance, Air, Bite
  • EQ Matching (experimental)
  • Reference IR section

See the new features in action!

Only a limited number of beta seats available!

To get the newest version with the features you see above, you have to apply for the beta test. We only approve a limited number of testers. Apply now or never!

Sorry, application period is already finished.

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