faIRmageddon – Major Update – Version 1.00.004

New features in the current version

Massive CPU improvement with up to 85% (depending on the system)
The overhauled EQ match section now allows you to record both the source (your performance), as well as the sound you wanna match it to (target). This can be done easily by inserting faIRmageddon on a bus and routing both signals to it. Also see: new manual and an upcoming video about EQ matching.
Import & Export of AIFF files, as well as some special Wav formats like BWF (prominently used by Pro Tools)
The new zoom menu allows you to easily change the GUI size without the need to go on the system page. Several pre-defined zoom values are available, as well as the possibility to set a default for every new instance.
The 6 output parameters can now be bypassed for quick A/B comparisons
Don’t want the keyboard to be used by the plug-in, but instead to be forwarded to the DAW? With the global keyboard button set to off, almost all keyboard events are relayed to your DAW. This is not true if you have selected a text edit field in the plug-in.

Changelog for faIRmageddon 1.00.004:

1.00.004 improved: complete Convolver rework, up to 85% performance improvement
added: EQ match now allows recording of target & source, as well as, playing both recording snippets
added: output bypass button
added: keyboard inputs buttons for all slots – controlling the file browser is no longer only available for the compare section exclusively
added: zoom menu – control the plug-in zoom / size from the header menu
improved: increased maximum IR length to 1000ms (1 second)
improved: further reduced CPU spikes during X/Y edits
added: global keyboard input button – forward keyboard strokes to the DAW if needed
added: Aiff file support for import & export
added: support for several wave file formats including BWF format used by Pro Tools
improved: smoother Automatic Gain Compensation algorithm
improved: EQ match calculation
fixed: a bug that could block the transport in Logic
fixed: random audio loops during the preset change
fixed: preset name did not change properly if the preset was saved with an earlier version of the plug-in with fewer parameters
fixed: changing the preset could lead to a crash in few instances
fixed: GUI update issues on Mac Catalina
fixed: mouse click (not mouse move) on X/Y pad could silence or bypass sound

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