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faIRmageddon – Guitar Cabinet Impulse Response Designer Plug-in

faIRmageddon is a community project with the goal to create the ultimate Guitar Cabinet Impulse Response Designer for the growing needs of guitar players of the 21st century. With thousands of high quality guitar cabinet impulses & amp simulations out there it’s easy to get a good guitar sound. But only good sounding is not enough anymore! What you deserve is your own awesome and UNIQUE sound!

With faIRmageddon you’ll be able to load, combine, adjust, merge & manipulate your IRs to achieve this goal with ease. You’ll love how this plug-in will change your perception of guitar sound forever!


  • Automatic Phase Alignment for IRs (time & phase)
  • Combine, adjust, merge, manipulate & transform unlimited number of IRs via X/Y pad
  • Mono & Stereo IR file import & export
  • Export results as wav & aiff
  • Automatic Sample-rate Conversion
  • FINAL VERSION: Reference IRs, EQ matching & A/B comparisons with audio samples
  • FINAL VERSION: Automatically search for lost files (renamed or moved files)
  • Waveform & Frequency display & manipulation
  • Fully scalable GUI suitable for small resolutions up to 4k monitors

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⚠ Early Access ⚠

faIRmageddon is currently available for free during the Early Access phase. There are several features and fixes (see our roadmap) that will be implemented in the final release. Please use the plug-in with care and within test projects only.

Known Early Access issues

  • on some systems: CPU Spikes during XY edits
  • GUI updates (Waveform, FFT) if some values change
  • XY values don’t load when project is loaded

Awesome feature requests? Questions etc.?

Our roadmap contains a lot features that will or may be implemented in the final version. Suggestions? Wishes? Participate in our feature poll above or contact us through our contact form!

Supported formatsWindowsMac
VST2 32-Bit
VST2 64-Bit
VST3 32-Bit
VST3 64-Bit
AU 32-Bit
AU 64-Bit
AAX 32-Bit
AAX 64-Bit
Tested DAWs
Steinberg Cubase
Pro Tools
Apple Logic
Ableton Live
Presonus Studio One
Cockos Reaper
Magix Samplitude
FL Studio
Steinberg Wavelab
Adobe Audition
MOTU Digital Performer



  • Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista
  • VST2,VST3 or AAX host


  • Mac OS X 10.11 - Mac OS X 10.14 (Catalina not yet supported)
  • VST2, VST3, AU or AAX host
  • Intel processor based Mac

Currently unsupported DAWs

  • Harrison Mixbus
  • Tracktion Waveform