Guitar Cabinet Impulse Response Designer Plug-in

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faIRmageddon is the ultimate Guitar Cabinet Impulse Response Designer for the growing needs of guitar players of the 21st century. It’s carefully designed to give you what every guitarist and audio engineer dreams of: Your own UNIQUE sound!

With faIRmageddon you’ll be able to load, combine, adjust, merge, manipulate, rate, assess, filter & compare your IRs to achieve this goal with ease. You’ll love how this plug-in will change your perception of guitar sound forever!


  • Graphical Merging of unlimited no. of IRs
  • EQ Matching
  • Assign your own pictures to IR folders
  • Rate IRs with Stars and Color tags
  • Automatic Gain Compensation
  • Automatic Phase Alignment (time & phase)
  • Mono & Stereo IR file Import & Export
  • Analog modeled EQs
  • Automatic Sample-rate Conversion
  • Stereo Enchancer
  • Dry / Wet Control
  • Fully scalable GUI suitable for small resolutions up to 4k monitors

Unlimited IRs – Unlimited Freedom!

With the X/Y pad you’ll be able to find a sweet spot sound in seconds. It allows you to ultimately merge unlimited numbers of IRs.

It allows you to seamlessly merge your IRs with graphical feedback. Each is displayed within the pad.

You can change the sensitivity / zoom of the pad with the XY Zoom control below the
pad. This allows you to make even more subtle and accurate sound design deci-

Superb Factory IRs

  • includes a special extended teaser pack from valhallir
  • 15 well-chosen IRs from the complete valhallir library including:
  • 1992 MesaTM Boogie Oversized
  • MarshallTM 1960B „Pinstripe“ with CelestionTM „Pre-Rola“ Greenbacks G12M
  • MarshallTM 1960BTM JCM800TM
  • MesaTM Boogie 4×12 Halfback (2x CelestionTMBlack Shadow MC-90, 2x ElectroVoiceTM Black Shadow EVM12-L)
  • MarshallTM 1960TV
  • FenderTM Pro-Reverb Oxford-Speaker
  • Crossloaded MarshallTM Mode4 Cab
  • DiezelTM (CelestionTM K-100)
  • FryetteTM (P-50-E)
  • AmpegTM Fullstack

Find the perfect IR in seconds!

  • Assign your own pictures to folders in your IR library
  • Star rating and color tags
  • Auto Play: automatically step through a folder
  • Assessment: Approve or dismiss IRs with lists
  • Filter & compare IRs by name, color & star rating
  • Browser Flat Mode: Collapse all sub folders into one long list
  • Step through folders with the keyboard (⬅ & ➡)

Amazing sound design

faIRmageddon will give you control over your sound you’ve never seen before. These are just a few of all available parameters:

  • Highpass, Lowpass, Frequency Shift, Tilt EQ
  • Panning, Delay (mono & stereo), Bend
  • Automatic Gain Compensation
  • Cab Size, Roughness, Bite, Resonance, Air, Bite, Character
  • Stereo Width, Dry / Wet
  • Phase (Polarity), Bypass, Solo, Copy & Paste

EQ Matching

Have a certain sound in mind but can’t get quite there? No problem! Cut a snippet out of your favorite song and match your sound to it!

Fully scalable user interface

Small Laptop? 4k display? Either way: faIRmageddon will fit!

Supported formatsWindowsMac
VST2 32-Bit
VST2 64-Bit
VST3 32-Bit
VST3 64-Bit
AU 32-Bit
AU 64-Bit
AAX 32-Bit
AAX 64-Bit
Tested DAWs
Steinberg Cubase
Pro Tools
Apple Logic
Ableton Live
Presonus Studio One
Cockos Reaper
Magix Samplitude
FL Studio
Steinberg Wavelab
Adobe Audition
MOTU Digital Performer



  • Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista
  • VST2,VST3 or AAX host


  • Mac OS X 10.11 - Mac OS X 12.4 (Monterey)
  • VST2, VST3, AU or AAX host
  • Apple M1 (through Rosetta) or Intel processor based Mac

Currently unsupported DAWs

  • Harrison Mixbus
  • Tracktion Waveform