faIRmaggedon Beta v 0.97.014

Keyboard navigation

This update includes a cool new feature for the Reference IR section: You can now step through a folder with your keyboard arrows (with ← & →) and also change the folder (↑ go to parent folder) and step into subfolders (↓). Finding the right IR in your huge library is now a piece of cake!

Reference Drag & Drop or Copy

And if that’s not enough: After you’ve found your favorite IR in the Reference IR section you can copy it into a slot via the new copy buttons or via drag & drop.

Mousewheel for the Reference IR

In this new version you can change the Mix value of the Reference IR from anywhere (even if your are hovering over the X/Y pad) in the GUI with the mouse wheel. Compare the Reference IR to your X/Y mix with ease!

Furthermore, there are some important DAW specific fixes, especially for Reaper and Logic (and all Audio Unit hosts).

And we’ve improved the performance especially for low latency environments. In case you use faIRmageddon during recording.


  • added: output filebrowser (for reference IR) can be changed with keyboard (left, right → step through folder, up → go to parent folder, down → step into subfolder)
  • fixed: Audio Unit validation works now
  • added: optimized performance for low latency / recording usage
  • added: drag & drop (internally) from Reference IR to every slot
  • added: mouse wheel control for Reference IR mix & EQ match amount from all over the GUI
  • added: off states for highpass / lowpass
  • fixed: crashes during plugin instanciation (some systems)
  • fixed: optimized CPU usage
  • fixed: slot on/off does no longer reset when project is loaded or plugin is enabled/disabled
  • fixed: drag & drop on Mac works now (internal & external)
  • fixed: optimized Automatic Gain Compensation (stereo management, calculation)
  • fixed: occasional pop-up of the Reference IR Drag & Drop indicator
  • fixed: (REAPER only) unwanted reset of parameters when pressed (example: slot on/off, highpass / lowpass)
  • fixed: (REAPER only) performance issues after consolidate
  • fixed: (Cantabile & VST2 only) stereo version can load in DAW now
  • fixed: paste to slot is logged in history
  • fixed: Unicode file paths are now load and displayed correctly

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