Free IR Pack – faIR Post Grunge

Cover of the Guitar Cabinet Impulse Response Pack - faIR Post Grunge
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  • 27 Studio Quality Guitar Cabinet Impulse Responses
  • 12 Stereo IR files
  • faIRmageddon demo installer included (needed for Stereo IRs)
  • Including 9 IRs captured with the S.P.A.R.C. method for realistic sound
  • up to 24-bit / 96 kHz resolution
  • Available in different formats: Wav, Aiff, Kemper (kipr), Fractal Audio (High Res .syx), Scuffham S-Gear (different Sample-rates)

“faIR – Post Grunge” is based on a superb collection of different MesaTM , MarshallTM & EnglTM cabinets designed to resemble the sound of modern rock & metal bands. It contains all the goodies that our IR packs can have: “Super Blends” & “Fredman Technique” IRs in 3 different variations (SPARC, Tube, Solid State). Furthermore, it‘s our first pack including Stereo IR files, especially for the use with faIRmageddon.

CabinetsBased upon these cabinets:

EnglTM E 212VH Vintage (Closed Back) 2x12 box,
MesaTM 4x12 Rectifier Standard (Closed Back) angled box,
MarshallTM 1960A 1995 Limited Edition Red (Closed Back) 4x12 angled box
SpeakersCelestionTM Vintage 30sTM,
CelestionTM G12-T75TM
Number of IRs27
MicrophonesShureTM SM57, SennheiserTM MD421-HL (Vintage), AudixTM D2, AudiotechnicaTM AT4050, SennheiserTM e609, AKGTM C414 B-ULS (Austrian made), ShureTM SM7B, BehringerTM ECM8000, t-
boneTM SCT800
InterfaceMotuTM 828 mkII
Sample-rates44.1 kHz - 24bit | 48 kHz - 24bit | 88.2 kHz - 24bit | 96 kHz - 24bit
VariationsTube, Solid State & S.P.A.R.C.TM

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