faIR ANGEL 212 (Complete Edition)

Dive into the realm of heavy rock and metal with the 'faIR ANGEL 212 Complete' IR pack, channeling the potent essence of the Engl™ E 212VH Vintage cabinet and its dual Celestion™ Vintage 30 speakers. This collection of 39 IRs brings to your fingertips the precision and depth that define modern guitar tones.

Embrace Vintage Modernity

The ‘faIR ANGEL 212 Essential’ impulse response (IR) pack is a tribute to sonic excellence, crafted to emulate the robust tones of the Engl™ E 212VH Vintage cabinet. With a legacy steeped in modern rock and metal, this pack delivers the depth and clarity that progressive musicians demand.

Celestion™ Vintage 30s: The Voice of Contemporary Rock

Dual UK-made Celestion™ Vintage 30s are the soul of the ‘faIR ANGEL 212 Essential’ IR pack, offering a sound that is both classic and contemporary. These speakers are famed for their rich midrange and crisp highs, providing the articulate response that guitarists seek.

Audio Demos & Reviews

Innovative Sound Capturing: The Engl Evolution

The ‘faIR ANGEL 212’ IR pack stands out with its modern approach to sound capturing. Utilizing 42 meticulously crafted impulse responses, it captures the essence of the Engl™ E 212VH Vintage cabinet, renowned for its tight response and versatile tone suitable for any mix.

Complete Edition: The Ultimate Collection For Professionals

The Complete edition is the definitive choice for audio professionals and enthusiasts alike. It includes an expansive range of over 324 IRs, covering everything from Raw CloseMics to Mix-Ready Masters, Fredman IRs, and Room Mics. This variant caters to experts who demand full control over their sound, offering detailed options for mic selection and positioning. It’s the perfect toolkit for those seeking to explore the depths of the cabinets sonic possibilities and craft their unique tone.

faIR ANGEL 212 Complete Features

Pure Raw Vintage 30 Power

324 IRs meticulously modeled after the Engl™ E 212VH Vintage, equipped with dual Celestion Vintage 30s, ready to bring the renowned Engl power and precision to your personal studio.

Extensive Microphone Collection

Features Mixed IRs based on high-end microphones like the Shure™ SM57, Sennheiser™ MD421, and Audio-Technica™ AT4050, providing a wide palette of tones.

Fredman Technique IRs

Includes meticulously captured IRs using the Fredman Technique, offering a perfect blend for mixing, along with individual microphone captures.

Comprehensive File Support

Supports multiple formats including WAV, Kemper™, and Fractal Audio™ (UltraRes™), with sample rates up to 96 kHz for pristine sound quality.

Extended IR Length

Each IR extends up to 500ms, providing richer detail and depth, catering to the preferences of IR idealists and professionals.

Universal Gear Compatibility

Effortlessly integrates with leading devices like Fractal Audio Axe-Fx, Kemper Profiling Amp, and Line 6 Helix, ensuring broad compatibility and easy setup.


  • Shure™ SM57
  • Sennheiser™ MD421-HL (Vintage)
  • Audix™ D2
  • Audiotechnica™ AT4050
  • Sennheiser™ e609
  • AKG™ C414 B-ULS (Made in Austria)
  • Shure™ SM7B
  • t-bone™ SCT800
  • Behringer™ ECM8000


Sample Rates:

  • 44.1 kHz – 24bit
  • 48 kHz – 24bit
  • 88.2 kHz – 24bit
  • 96 kHz – 24bit

File Formats:

  • WAV
  • Kemper
  • Fractal Audio

Compatible Gear

  • Atomic™ Amplifire
  • Fractal Audio™ Axe-Fx III, II, Standard/Ultra, and AX8
  • HeadRush™ Pedalboard
  • Kemper™ Profiling Amp
  • Line 6™ Helix and HX Stomp
  • Logidy™ EPSi
  • Positive Grid™ BIAS
  • Two Notes™ Torpedo Live/Reload/Studio
  • Yamaha™ THR100HD/THR100H
  • Boss™ GT-1000
  • Mooer™ GE300

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