faIR Modern Rock

Discover the essence of modern rock with the faIR Modern Rock Guitar Cabinet Impulse Response Pack. This meticulously crafted collection offers instant access to studio-quality tones, blending sounds from iconic speakers and cabs with a versatile array of microphones. Effortlessly compatible across various formats, it's your key to achieving professional rock sounds with ease.
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Why you’ll love these Free Impulse Responses

We believe that modern guitar players should not be bothered to invest too much time into finding the right tone. That‘s why we packaged this IR pack only with what we call ‚Super Blends‘. Every IR you get here is mix-ready, consisting of at least 2 to 4 mics, in some cases even more blends from different premium cabinets.

With these free impulse responses you‘ll be able to find a great sounding rock tone within seconds.

faIR Modern Rock Features

Super Blends

Consisting of 28 diverse Impulses total, each IR is a mix of 2 to 4 mics, with some combining dozens from different speakers and cabs for unparalleled tone diversity.

Mix-Ready Rock-Tones

Quickly find the perfect rock sound with IRs tailored for modern rock music, reducing time spent on tone adjustments.

Iconic Speakers and Cabs

Features Celestion™ Vintage V30 (UK Made), G12-T75, G12M-25 Greenback among others.

Versatile Microphone Selection

Includes Shure™ SM57, Sennheiser™ MD421, Royer™ 121, Neumann™ TLM102, and more for diverse recording options.

Iconic Cabinets Merged

Featuring legendary cabs including the Marshall™ 1960A 4×12, Mesa™ 4×12 Rectifier Standard, and the Engl™ E 212VH cab.

Multiple Formats Supported

Available in 96kHz / 24bit WAV (500ms length), Kemper (kipr), and Fractal (UltraRes .syx) formats for broad compatibility.


  • Shure™ SM57
  • Sennheiser™ MD421-HL (Vintage)
  • Audix™ D2
  • Audiotechnica™ AT4050
  • Sennheiser™ e609
  • AKG™ C414 B-ULS (Made in Austria)
  • Shure™ SM58
  • Neumann™ TLM102
  • Shure™ SM7B
  • t-bone™ SCT800
  • Behringer™ ECM8000


Sample Rates:

  • 44.1 kHz – 24bit – 500ms
  • 48 kHz – 24bit – 500ms
  • 88.2 kHz – 24bit – 500ms
  • 96 kHz – 24bit – 500ms

File Formats:

  • WAV
  • Kemper
  • Fractal Audio (UltraRes)

Compatible Gear

  • Atomic™ Amplifire
  • Fractal Audio™ Axe-Fx III, II, Standard/Ultra, and AX8
  • HeadRush™ Pedalboard
  • Kemper™ Profiling Amp
  • Line 6™ Helix and HX Stomp
  • Logidy™ EPSi
  • Positive Grid™ BIAS
  • Two Notes™ Torpedo Live/Reload/Studio
  • Yamaha™ THR100HD/THR100H
  • Boss™ GT-1000
  • Mooer™ GE300

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