faIR Post Grunge

Unleash precise guitar tones with 'faIR – Post Grunge,' featuring expertly blended IRs from Mesa, Marshall, and Engl cabinets. This pack delivers intricate tonal diversity with Super Blends, Fredman Technique variations, and pioneering Stereo IRs for detailed sound sculpting in modern rock and metal.
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Professional Grade Guitar Tones

Enter the realm of professional guitar tone with ‘faIR – Post Grunge,’ featuring a sophisticated collection of blended and mastered IRs, meticulously modeled on legendary cabinets like Mesa 4×12 Rectifier Standard, Marshall 1960A 1995 Limited Edition Red, and Engl E 212VH Vintage. These IRs are crafted for immediate use in production, offering a range of modern rock and metal tones with unparalleled ease.

Diverse Tone Shaping

Our ‘Super Blends’ and ‘Fredman Technique’ IRs, available in SPARC, Tube, and Solid State variations, provide a diverse palette for intricate tone shaping.

Innovative Stereo IRs

This pack introduces Stereo IR files, specially designed for an immersive audio experience with faIRmageddon. Stereo IRs enhance sonic depth and dimension, creating a more lifelike and spacious guitar sound. They are ideal for wide soundstages, realistic room emulation, and complementing stereo effects for richer, more complex tones.

Broad Compatibility

Geared towards both studio and live applications, ‘faIR – Post Grunge’ supports multiple formats for seamless integration into your workflow. This pack is essential for guitarists and producers seeking to capture the essence of iconic rock and metal sounds with the sophistication of professionally blended IRs.

faIR Post Grunge Features

Expansive IR Collection

27 studio-quality guitar cabinet IRs, featuring a mix of up to 4 mics for diverse and powerful rock & metal tones.

Stereo IR Files

Includes 12 unique stereo IRs, specifically designed for use with faIRmageddon, enhancing spatial sound depth.

Fredman Technique IRs

Comes with 3 IRs captured using the Fredman Technique, offering a refined sound for detailed mixing.

Iconic Cabinets and Speakers

Based on Mesa, Marshall, and Engl cabinets, featuring Celestion Vintage 30 and G12-T75 speakers for authentic rock & metal sound.

Versatile Microphone Array

Includes Shure SM57, Sennheiser MD421, Audix D2, and more, offering a wide range of recording possibilities.

Multiple Format Support

Available in WAV, Aiff, Kemper (kipr), Fractal Audio (High Res .syx), Scuffham S-Gear formats, ensuring broad compatibility.

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