Make faSampleDelay with its unrivaled intuitive GUI your new favorite free Phase Alignment Plugin. If you need a versatile and reliable tool for small phase alignment tasks in your guitar or drum recording, then this is the ultimate choice!

Unrivaled UI

Make faSampleDelay, with its intuitive and unrivaled GUI, your go-to free Phase Alignment Plugin. Ideal for quick phase alignment tasks in guitar or drum recordings, it’s the perfect starting point for beginners and pros alike.

Phase Alignment Plugin for Free!

Get the best without spending a penny! Sign up for an account, verify your email, and download faSampleDelay for free. Begin your journey in phase alignment with ease.

Go for Gold 🏆

Tired of tedious phase alignment? faSampleDelay offers a flexible knob range for precise settings in seconds. Our scalable GUI fits any screen, from tablets to 4K monitors. Don’t just take our word for it – try it out by opening a free account!


Use faSampleDelay for diverse scenarios like:

  • Multi-miked instrument recordings (drums, guitar, bass, etc.)
  • Aligning bass & kick drum in various genres
  • Creating comb filter effects for transitions
  • Aligning main and supporting mics in orchestral setups.

Ready for More?

As your needs evolve, consider our advanced phase alignment tools: faTimeAlign and faGuitarAlign. They offer enhanced features for the most demanding audio tasks. Explore faTimeAlign and faGuitarAlign now!

faSampleDelay Features

Sample Accurate Time Delay

Precisely delay up to 100,000 samples (approx. 2 seconds @ 48 kHz).

Intuitive Delay Control

User-friendly knob with adjustable min/max values for customized delay spans.

Versatile Input Units

Choose from milliseconds, feet, meters, or samples for precise adjustments.

A/B Comparisons

Easily compare different settings to find the perfect sound.

Samplerate-Linked Delay

Synchronize delay times with your project’s samplerate for consistent results.

Efficient CPU Usage

Designed to minimize CPU load without compromising on performance.

Fully Scalable GUI

Adaptable interface, perfect for screens of all sizes.

Broad Samplerate Compatibility

Supports samplerates from 44,100 to 192,000 Hz.

Free Plugin

Get a downloadable license in your account after signup, absolutely free.

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