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Guitar Recording Tutorials

Impulse Response vs. Real Cabinet Recording – Can you hear the difference?

Impulse responses are a great way to get an amazing guitar tone in seconds. IR packs are perfect for home recording, if you can’t get to loud because of your neighbors. But nowadays they are also used a lot in recording studios because they are easy to use. Never before did you have the possibility to have so many different sounds from hundreds of cabinets at your fingertips.


Recording Electric Guitar – The Best Way to Record a Guitar Amp with Shure SM57 & More

Recording Electric Guitar can be a lot of fun, but if you are starting out it can be overwhelming, too. What microphones should I use? How do I place them? How much wood could a wood chuck cut if a wood chuck could chuck wood? These are probably the question you ask yourself right now. Don’t worry. In today’s #faTutorial, I’ll show you the relevant basics for your jump start to a magnificent guitar tone out of a Shure SM57 or similar!


Phase Alignment Tutorials

Saxophone Recording / Phase Alignment with faGuitarAlign – A testimonial from Producer Stephan “Grete” Weiser

Saxophone recordings are fun! It’s a vibrant acoustical instrument with a lot of dynamics. Predestined to be a special flavor within your mix. Today we take a sneak peek into the studio of Stephan “Grete” Weiser, a jazz musician and producer from Germany, while he’s recording saxophone takes for the 6th album of his jazz band “Köstritzer Jazzband”.


Recording Double Bass / Mixing & Phase Alignment for Upright Bass

Recording Acoustic Double Bass with Multi-Miking In today’s #faTutorial, explore our multi-miking technique tailored for acoustic double bass recording, ensuring optimal phase alignment and mix clarity! Acoustic double bass recording techniques often involve the use of multiple microphones for several reasons: There are many aspects to a large acoustical instrument. You have, for example, the […]


Punchy Snare & Clear Drum Sounds: A Phase Alignment Guide

Phase aligning drums can be a tedious process. Every audio engineer knows the story: You put a lot of time and effort into your recording to get the sound right, but then you can lose much of your audio quality due to horrible sounding Phase Cancellations in your mix. Say goodbye to thin and muddy […]


Comb Filtering & Phase Issues – How to FIGHT Signal Cancellation

Does comb filtering make your mix less transparent, roomy, and thin? In our today’s #faTutorial we’re gonna talk about this issue that is often simply called ‘Phase Cancellation’ and furthermore how to fix it within small microphone arrays such as a guitar recording. Even today, there is still much confusion about the terms ‘being out […]


Phase Switch DOESN’T solve phase problems! faTutorial [1]

The Phase switch is the standard way to counter Phase issues. But is it? Do you really know what you are doing to your mix when you use the Phase Switch in your DAW or your mixer? I bet you don’t! In this first episode of faTutorial we will cover the issues with the ‘so-called’ […]