faIRmageddon – Version 1.00.008

New features in this version

  • Assign your own pictures to folders in your IR library
  • Star rating and color tags
  • Auto Play: automatically step through a folder in certain time intervals
  • Assessment: Approve or dismiss IRs with positive lists
  • Filter & compare IRs by name, color & star rating
  • Randomly order IRs within a folder
  • Step through folders with the keyboard (⬅ & ➡)

Changelog of version 1.00.008:

added: complete compare section overhaul
added: star rating & color tags for IRs
added: filename filter in compare section
added: auto play feature in compare section
added: import, export & automatic backup of IR ratings
added: new demo IR file format („.fair“)
added: volume/gain per slot
added: open directory of current IR in system file browser with one-click
added: increasing of compare mix will now desaturate X/Y pad to visualize mix ratio


  1. Samuli Ylönen says:

    I was having an issue where the sound will cut out for half second every 10-15 seconds or something like that. Felt like the plugin might be running in demo mode even though it says “Standard plugin version licensed to”. However, I noticed that it was caused by having two slots loaded and two slots empty but active. Toggling those empty slots to off fixed the issue. Really annoying though, but thankfully it was fixed. It could maybe be somehow related that this was an old instance of faIRmageddon, which was then loaded into 1.00.008 (eg. the project started with the older version), but I never had issues with the old version.

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